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Embrace Pet Cat Insurance
Best of all, our pet cat insurance is customizable. Our sensible pet insurance policies cover what you expect. An Embrace pet insurance policy protects cats and dogs from genetic conditions, chronic illnesses, accidents and illnesses, and more.

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Purina Pet Cat Insurancecat insurance
A healthy cat takes more walks, warms more laps, shares more love.
That's why you'll want to offer your pet a lifetime of care with PurinaCare pet cat insurance. A healthy cat takes more walks, warms more laps, shares more love. That's why you'll want to offer your cat a lifetime of insurance.

cat insurance

Show Cat Insurance Coverage   “Show Cat Head- To- Tail”
Provides “head- to- tail” show cat insurance coverage for an unlimited number of accidents up to $2,500 per accident. Gold also provides coverage for over 6,000 types of accidents and illnesses up to $2,500 per illness category for maximum lifetime of $30,000.

cats insurance

Cat Insurance For Indoor Cats
QuickCare for Indoor Cats provides you with coverage of up to $2,000 per incident. Cat insurance coverage also includes the most common and prevalent illnesses suffered by indoor cats. No maximum annual benefit on named perils and illnesses.

cat insurance

QuickCare for Cat Insurance
QuickCare cat insurance provides you with coverage for an unlimited number of accidents, up to $2,000 per accident. When you want solid accident protection for your cat. No maximum annual or lifetime benefit on named perils.

show cat insurance

Cat Insurance For Senior Cats
Cat insurance includes the major illnesses suffered by older pets such as stroke, seizures, cancer and heart problems. Coverage for illnesses common to senior pets, up to $2,000 per illness. Specially designed protection for your older cat.

Cats Insurance

Trupanion Veterinarian-Approved Pet Insurance
Insuring your cat can save you money and provide you with the peace of mind that you are covered for any unexpected eventualities. Cat insurance save you money. Petfirst
is authorised and regulated.
We can pay the vets direct. Payment: $1.95 first month, $21.95 recurring charge.

cats insurance

Pet Assure Cat Insurance
Pet Assure insurance is a complete pet care savings program offering savings from thousands of participating veterinarians and retailers. You receive: 25% savings on veterinary care. 5%-50% savings on pet supplies and services. Lost Pet Recovery Service.

cat insurance coverage

Canadian Petsecure - Medical Pet Insurance
Even the most caring cat parents are often unprepared to handle expensive veterinary treatments and surgeries that accidents or illness can bring. That's why cat parents just like you are turning to Canada's leading pet health insurance provider.

pet insurance

Canadian Cat Insurance
Cat Insurance Programs
give you peace-of-mind. Not only do we offer the most comprehensive, flexible pet care coverage - we also pay a higher percentage of your claim than our competitors. We're meeting the real-life needs of today's cats.

Pet Insurance

U.K. Argos Pet Insurance cat insurance
Vet fees have never been so expensive. Treating your pet following a road traffic accident could cost over £3,000*. Take out Argos Pet Insurance online now and cover your pet today.  Up to 1 out of every 2 insured pets require veterinary treatment each year following injury, illness or accident*.

cat insurance

Cat Insurance U.K.  
1. Up to £6000 vets fee cover. 2. Full Lifetime options offered – cover per condition per year. 3. Advertising and Reward cover offered. 4. New pets taken on at any age, helping cover older pets too. 5. Only one premium for cats under 8 or over 8.


Germany Cat Insurance AGILAcat insurance
Ab der 8. Lebenswoche können wir Vierbeiner schon zur AGILA - wir müssen aber gesund sein! Und dann geht´s gleich los: für Unfälle und Vorsorgeschutz gibt´s ab Vertragsbeginn die volle Kostenerstattung.

cat show insurance

Dog Insurance
When you want solid accident protection for your dog. QuickCare pet insurance provides you with coverage for an unlimited number of accidents, up to $2,000 per accident. An accident and illness program that protects your dog in virtually any situation.

pet Insurance

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