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Looking For A Stud For Your Queen ... By Lorali @ ECAT...

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One of the choices a breeder of felines has to make is choosing the proper mate for her queen.  There are a lot of decisions that have to be made regarding age, breed, history, health and general background of her stud.  These choices plus location play an important role in placing your feline within the proper care of the stud provider.  As a breeder, I recommend meeting the provider of her stud.  Asking questions in reference to history, health, any past litters and how they produced.  I would also inspect premises for cleanliness.  Each time an outside queen is accepted for breeding, stud owners put their own catís health in jeopardy.  Every visiting queen is a potential source of devastating disease and the danger of illness is ever present.

There  is always a fee for stud service.  The value of the service may be related to the cats title, his origins or even because of genetic make-up within the breed.  The fee is always at the behest of his owner.  An observation that needs to be expressed is that repeated visits and failure of certain queens to conceive.  The queen may not fancy the male chosen or she just might be obese.  These conditions will not demand a refund of stud fee.  The stud fee also covers the expenses involved for caring for your queen.  Perhaps a simpler solution would be to try another stud.

Written by Lorali

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