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Selecting Your Veterinarian... By Lorali @ ECAT... Selecting Your Veterinarian... By Lorali @ ECAT...

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     The  most important factor of your kitten's health is selecting your veterinarian.  Before you even register your cattery, you must select a veterinarian whom you can establish a relationship with.  You will find that your vet will be the most important person to you and your cattery.

     It will take some time before you find the right veterinarian.  Some are not interested in working with breeders.  Breeders can be somewhat demanding, they want to be seen immediately.  They want the time to discuss issues on breeding, no matter how much time the veterinarian may have.  These issues can be somewhat frustrating to the veterinarian.

     The most important steps in selecting your veterinarian is not the physical components of his office, but the veterinarian himself.  You want to ask yourself:

  1. Will you be able to build a relationship with this veterinarian?

  2. Will you be able to talk to them and trust them with any prescriptions diagnosed to your feline?

  3. Will your veterinarian be able to give enough prescriptions to keep in your cattery when needed?

  4. Will your veterinarian know about your breed and the background?

  5. Will you follow their advice on husbandry techniques?

     All of these outlined are critical in establishing a relationship with your veterinarian.  Because of their training, they will understand how to care for many cats and breeds.  They will know about infections and contagious diseases, fungus, and parasites.  Sometimes your cat may pick up these when traveling from show to show.  Your veterinarian should be an expert in preventive medicine; you want to utilize the proper techniques in preventing a problem before it becomes one.

     You should always interview your veterinarian that you are considering. The following is a brief outline of questions that might be considered in asking when talking to your veterinarian:

  1. What is their training/background?

  2. Do they have training on your specialized breed?

  3. Did you tour their facilities; does the boarding area represent a safe and clean environment?

  4. Does this veterinarian release males who have been spayed the same day they are in surgery?  Do they do the same for females?

  5. Can your veterinarian sign a health certification insuring your cat is well enough to be shipped by air, living in a different state or country?

  6. Who covers their practice at night/weekends?  Is there an emergency number?  Do they have their own internet web site?

     The answers to these questions will help determine whether or not this veterinarian is appropriate.  You want to make sure that your veterinarian has the proper equipment when your queen is expecting.  Do they perform ultrasounds, how are these done?  Ask your veterinarian if they have references, especially from other cat breeders in their office.  Then call those people and ask them how they feel about this veterinarian.

     Once you select your veterinarian, your relationship with them should be a long and lasting one.  You will learn his techniques and often share experiences with them.  You will both commit to providing the best possible care for your feline................................


Cat vet

cat vet

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