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Your Newborn Kittens... By Lorali @ ECAT...

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     Newborn  kittens are totally dependent on the mother cat.  The family should be in a warm place, such as a queening box.  Always keep a close eye on the kittens, especially if this is the queen's first experience.  The queen will need at least three times more high protein food than normal.  She will also need a constant supply of clean, fresh water. (Preferably Spring Water).

     When it comes to the care of your new kittens, your queen will do most of the work.  But don't think your job is done, you will frequently observe each kitten on a daily basis.  Look over each kitten when you handle it.  Look for any and all problems that might exist:

  1. Is the umbilical cord drying and falling off.

  2. Are their signs of infection, is their swelling around the cord,  this indicates an umbilical cord hernia.

  3. Are all the kittens breathing well.

  4. If you have done so already, determine the sex of your kittens.

  5. Continually watch for the eyes to be opening.

     Your kitten should feel firm while being held.  He squirms in your hand, searching for a teat and mewling when he does not find one.  All of these signs indicate a healthy and happy newborn kitten.

     Your queen will take care of cleaning your kittens.  She washes the area around the gentiles which stimulates the kittens to urinate.  The queen will usually lap up the area in which the kittens have left remains.

     Your kittens should be weighed when they are born.  They should weigh between three to five ounces.  Not every kitten will gain weight at the same time.  So don't be alarmed.  Just watch to make sure none of them appear to be sick.  Sometimes, the weight may be the same for a few days and then suddenly gain one or two ounces.

     After weighing, you want to determine the sex of your newborns.  This is very difficult.  Try and hold the kitten where if it were standing.  Raise the tail and look for the anus.  Directly, below the anus will be a vertical slit which indicates the kitten is a female, or you will see another opening, smaller than the anus, which indicates male.  Don't worry if you can't figure out the sex right away. Do a periodic check on them to distinguish the sex.

     Once again, this is a time where you have definitely established a bonding relationship with your queen, and her newborns.  So enjoy these kittens while you can, they grow up so fast.  These precious moments you spend with them in the beginning, will make a forever lasting impression on their growth and development.  Cherish them....Take lots of Pictures....

lori newell

lori newell

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